episode #6

In this podcast we speak to Steve Winter and Sharon Guynup.

Steve is an award-winning National Geographic wildlife photojournalist best known for his photography of big cats such as snow leopards, cougars and jaguars. For the past two decades but his main focus has been tigers.

Sharon is an award-winning journalist and editor covering wildlife, climate change, conservation and more, writing for titles such as National Geographic, The New York Times and The Washington Post.

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Steve Winter Tiger Captivity


Together, Steve and Sharon have done in-depth investigations into wildlife crime, including an exposé on tiger trafficking and how captive tigers in the U.S. outnumber those in the wild and the issues surrounding this. They spent time with individuals covered by the Netflix series Tiger King, detailing in depth the issues surrounding the tiger entertainment industry.


Doc Antle Tiger Cubs Steve Winter

Both Steve and Sharon spend a lot of time doing investigative work on the US tiger industry. In 2019, they spent 9 days photographing Doc Antle’s operation – of Tiger King fame –  to feature in their National Geographic story “The Tigers Next Door – Captive tigers in the U.S. outnumber Tigers in the wild”. Recently, Doc was arrested by the FBI and remains in a South Carolina jail.